Schedule& cancellation policy


10-09-2022 SATURDAY 07:30:00 KOLKATA 1N2D
11-09-2022 SUNDAY 09:00:00 SAGAR SAGAR
17-09-2022 SATURDAY 11:00:00 KOLKATA 1N2D
18-09-2022 SUNDAY 13:00:00 SAGAR SAGAR
01-10-2022 SATURDAY 11:00:00 KOLKATA 1N2D
02-10-2022 SUNDAY 09:00:00 SAGAR SAGAR
02-10-2022 SUNDAY 14:30:00 KOLKATA PUJO CRUISE
03-10-2022 MONDAY 12:30:00 KOLKATA PUJO CRUISE
04-10-2022 TUESDAY 07:30:00 KOLKATA 1DAY ROUND
04-10-2022 TUESDAY 16:30:00 SAGAR
08-10-2022 SATURDAY 07:30:00 KOLKATA 1N2D
09-10-2022 SUNDAY 09:00:00 SAGAR
15-10-2022 SATURDAY 11:00:00 KOLKATA 1N2D
16-10-2022 SUNDAY 11:00:00 SAGAR
22-10-2022 SATURDAY 11:30:00 KOLKATA 2N3D
23-10-2022 SUNDAY 09:00:00 SAGAR SAGAR &
05-11-2022 SATURDAY 11:30:00 KOLKATA 1n2d
06-11-2022 SUNDAY 16:30:00 SAGAR
12-11-2022 SATURDAY 10:30:00 KOLKATA 1N2D
13-11-2022 SUNDAY 10:30:00 SAGAR
19-11-2022 SATURDAY 10:30:00 KOLKATA 1N2D
20-11-2022 SUNDAY 14:30:00 SAGAR
26-11-2022 SATURDAY 09:30:00 KOLKATA 1N2D
27-11-2022 SUNDAY 10:00:00 SAGAR
04-12-2022 SUNDAY 07:30:00 KOL 1 DAY ROUND
04-12-2022 SUNDAY 15:30:00 SAGAR 1 DAY ROUND
10-12-2022 SATURDAY 09:30:00 KOL 1N2D
11-12-2022 SUNDAY 10:00:00 SAGAR
17-12-2022 SATURDAY 07:30:00 KOL 1N2D
17-12-2022 SATURDAY 15:30:00 SAGAR
18-12-2022 SUNDAY 07:30:00 KOL 1DAY ROUND
18-12-2022 SUNDAY 15:30:00 SAGAR
24-12-2022 SATURDAY 08:30:00 KOLKATA 1N2D
24-12-2022 SATURDAY 16:30:00 SAGAR
25-12-2022 SUNDAY 08:30:00 KOLKATA 1DAYROUND
25-12-2022 SUNDAY 16:30:00 SAGAR
31-12-2022 SATURDAY 07:30:00 KOL 1 DAY ROUND
31-12-2022 SATURDAY 16:30:00 SAGAR
01-01-2023 SUNDAY 08:30:00 KOL 1DAY ROUND
01-01-2023 SUNDAY 17:00:00 SAGAR
03-01-2022 TUESDAY 11:30:00 KOL
04-01-2022 WEDNESDAY 08:00:00 SAGAR
05-01-2022 THURSDAY 07:30:00 KOL
06-01-2022 FRIDAY 09:30:00 SAGAR
07-01-2022 SATURDAY 08:30:00 KOL
08-01-2023 SUNDAY 10:00:00 SAGAR
09-01-2023 MONDAY 07:30:00 KOL
10-01-2023 TUESDAY 12:00:00 SAGAR
11-01-2022 WEDNESDAY 06:00:00 KOL
11-01-2023 WEDNESDAY 13:00:00 SAGAR
12-01-2023 THURSDAY 05:00:00 KOLKATA
12-01-2023 THURSDAY 12:30:00 KOLKATA
13-01-2023 FRIDAY 05:00:00 KOLKATA
13-01-2023 FRIDAY 10:30:00 SAGAR
13-01-2023 FRIDAY 17:30:00 KOLKATA
13-01-2023 FRIDAY 23:30:00 SAGAR
14-01-2023 SATURDAY 05:30:00 KOLKATA
14-01-2023 SATURDAY 10:00:00 SAGAR
14-01-2023 SATURDAY 14:00:00 KOLKATA
14-01-2023 SATURDAY 18:30:00 SAGAR
15-01-2023 SUNDAY 00:00:00 KOLKATA
15-01-2023 SUNDAY 10:00:00 SAGAR
15-01-2023 SUNDAY 14:15:00 KOLKATA

Accommodation, local transfer on request only at  Gangasagar has been introduced  to help travelers, Sr citizens to book accommodation, local transports, food etc. , the facility of AC rooms at Sagar is limited. 

  1. Minimum Passengers requirements: We will run our vessel with minimum 50% passengers capacity ,if we cancel due to above reason of non fulfillment of minimum passenger capacity then 100% full refund will be made within 10 working days or passengers has option to reschedule the booking in next available dates . Recently we had less than 50% but we continued the trip on request of passengers with less speed and travel time was 5.5 hours instead 4.5 hrs.
  2. Cancellation & Refund Policy:

50% refundable in case passenger wish to cancel the ticket  or package 72 hours before the journey schedule departure time . Requests for refund within 72 hours from travel departure time  will not be refunded. Example: if the departure is 26th 0900 hrs., no refund if any passenger wish to cancel the ticket after 23rd 9am. The request must come through email strictly before 72hrs from schedule departure. Any refund will be made through cheque only and send to the  address of passenger by courier , the address should be mentioned in the e-mail  , the email should be same as given during booking.

The cancellation request to be made from registered email id (email id notified at the time of ticket booking to info@ospreyindia.com mentioning the ticket reference number along with the name and full address. Cheque payment will be made within 15 days from the date of cancellation.

If the voyage is cancelled by us due to mechanical failure or any other operational reason then 100% refund will be made within 15 working days through cheque .

Option of rescheduling of the booked ticket is not available.

70%  refund in case the journey is cancelled due to Force Majeure or any other natural causes, covid lockdown or restriction.

2. ” Non Smoking” and Non Alcoholic” ship. No explosives, no sharp object allowed. No Pet allowed. No Naked light.

3. The vessel will close the doors 15 mins before the departure time.

4.  Only one baggage of maximum weight of 10 kg is allowed (see attached dimension).

5. Passengers are not allowed to go to the upper deck/navigation deck.

6. Total discipline to be maintained during embarking, sailing & disembarking.

7. Any complaint against co-passengers to be lodged first with our ship staff.

8. No speaker or mobile phone speaker to be on (use headphones).

9. Carry Luggage at your own risk.

Please see the other terms and conditions:


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